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Iraq is one of the countries which has played host to a significant palestinian refugees since 1948 Arab – Judaism war. Most of Palestinian refugees who were expelled from Palestine to Iraq were from Haifa north of Palestine especially from the following villages ( Ein Gazal, AJzim,  Jaba’a,  Al Teera, Al Tantooria , Am Al Zinat, Kafir lam, Al Mazar, Atleet, Al sarfand, ein Huth, Yafa and its villages, Ara and Arora, Al Kafrin, Al quids and Haifa ).

Here, we would like to refer that some of the population of these villages have settled in Jordan during the trip of displacement. They haven’t completed their trip to Iraq like others.

There are no accurate statistics for the number of Palestinians who came to Iraq during 1948 – 1950, but our source refer that they were about 5000. Also there are no accurate statistics for the Palestinian refugee community in Iraq but most policy maker including UNHCR and the Iraqi authorities , estimated the pre – 2003 war Palestinian refugee population of Iraq at 34000.

The Palestinian refugee population in Iraq can be roughly divided into four groups: Palestinian refugees who fled or were expelled during the 1948-49 Arab- Judaism conflict; Palestinian refugees who fled or were expelled during the 1967 conflict; Palestinians who fled or were expelled from Kuwait and other Gulf States following the 1991 Gulf War, and a significant number of Palestinians from other Arab states who had come to work or had resettled in Iraq.


After the fall of the Iraqi government to U.S.- led forces in 2003, Palestinian refugees in Iraq became a target for violence harassment, killing , disappearance, torture and eviction from their homes. Militant groups mostly shi'a have targeted them. As s result of the new circumstance , many Iraqi Palestinians fled from Iraq . the accurate statistic for Palestinians refugees in Iraq which done by UNHCR in 2004 , estimate the Palestinian refugee population of Iraq at 23500


Palestinian refugees in Iraq have been living under very hard circumstance since 2003 . They became a target for violence , harassment and eviction from their homes . This new situation enforce many Iraqi Palestinians to leave Iraq to save themselves and their families seeking refuge in other countries.


The number of Palestinian refugees in Iraq began to decrease after the fall of Iraqi government in April 2003. There are about 10000 Palestinians live in Iraq now according to some sources.

I can reach a conclusion that Palestinians have been targeted more than other minorities, Why? This question will be answered in another article which will be  written to Iraqi Palestinians Website.


By / Basheer Mahmoud Ghannam


The main source

Nowhere to Flee The Perilous Situation of Palestinians in Iraq By Human Rights Watch

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    We must concentrate on the most important incidents , that it\'s the Palestinian Refugees in Iraq became a target for violence harassment and killing . Thank you

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    Great work This is a good start to explain to the world the history of the Palestinians in Iraq and what they have been through last years

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    For above article , we can see the tragical drame for greater people who they living under differant defficalt cicromstances and bad condition not only in iraq. we need to be one hand , one word, one goal to get our freedom and our rights to prove to all people in the world that we are deserve the first rank on the world for our sacrificing , struggling . East or west Home is best long life Palestine and ALQUDS our endless cpital

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    This is a good idea, wish you all good luck, We should be able to share your website now with international NGO\'s and those who couldn\'t understand Arabic

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    Palestinian refugees in Iraq need UNCHER to assist them by Resettlement them on another country because the situation In Iraq unsafe Palestinian refugees in Iraq now less than 7000 person And all of them suffering ,no work, unsafe, always fear Because no one know what happen to him tomorrow UNRWA did not help Palestinian refugees in Iraq from 1948 Up to now against Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Syria. Gaza strip, West bank Palestinian refugees in Iraq are looking for UNCHER to find solution to them by Resettlement them on another countries Thanks to Mr. Basheer Mahmoud Ghannam for these information\'s

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