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Iraqi Palestinians Website

The first Palestinian website concerns with Iraqi Palestinians observing the violence and harassment faced by Palestinians in Iraq which have been done by the forces of the American occupation and Al Saffawia Militias  which supported by Iranian government and the Iraqi government


Iraqi Palestinians Website is so interested in publishing our matter to many people around the world opening wide horizons to conduct our suffering to every part of the world to show our history and what we have faced of violence, persecution and displacement to the regional and international public opinion. The administration of the Iraqi Palestinians website wants to document the news, documents, studies and essays and everything which may deal with the history of Palestinian presence in Iraq and we try to publish them in different languages with intensive interest.

This will be the first step which is unexampled and a new achievement which will be added to this distinguished informational edifice, through design an area by English language to speak to the world and declare accurate statistics, events, history …

The new article will be entitled “Paliraq English” within articles of our website.

 So we would like to pay attention of all specialists, researchers, who is interesting with the Palestinian’s affairs to contact and share the website by presenting essays and reports in English language in order to serve our just matter and to reveal all the murders against the Palestinians in Iraq by the Americans forces and the Al Safawia militias which is supported by Iran and the security Iraqi forces.

So we are ready to receive all your reports, essay, participations, and translated news to publish them within a particular article in English language, and we are willing to receive your suggestions through our email:

Iraqi Palestinians Website

Translated by / Basheer Mahmoud Ghannam

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  • cyprus democracy


    Thank you for this step is imposed for a long time to be in English to see the European world civilized and on human rights, what is happening to the Palestinian people from killing and deportations and cut aid to the refugees until they reached into baby formula and diapers from some countries that are member of the Union Aruban must all Palestinians in the all the world that Gives the address of this site to his friends the Europeans to know what is happening to the Palestinian people after us without our Arab brothers, and left us vulnerable to migration to Europe and it was better for the ones who help us and not expelled from their country, and thank you and forward your Brother khatab al ali from Cyprus democracy



    I think its a signify step to show the world what happend to the Palestinian during the war since 2003. so i hope to open this website as soon as possible and try to publishing the book about the palestinian in iraq>so go ahead and allah will help you.

  • Hi


    God bless ... And forward my brother Bashir

  • Iraq


    I hope you could check the spelling and the grammer mistakes, I wish you all the best and God bless you all Viva Palestine

  • washington


    A great step from the administration site Palestinians of Iraq and we call upon all those who have the ability to support the translation of this paragraph with thanks and appreciation to manage the website

  • syria


    good step ,you are doing the better always

  • cyprus


    A very good idea, I think that will help to move our case to all over the world,best wishes to you

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