A statement issued by Iraqi Palestinian refugees in Iraq regarding what al Baladiat has faced of ran

فلسطينيو العراق2

عدد القراء 3629


The Palestinian refugees in Iraq deprecated of what the security forces have done of overnight breaking into Al Bahadiat neighborhood spreading terror among the children and women and confirming their real goal against the Palestinians.

What the security forces did of violation to the Palestinians houses in Iraq just to try to harm the Palestinian people dignity which have faced a lot from this forces which is the same as what the Palestinian is facing now by the Zionist forces in Palestine.

We are confirming that the goal from this crazy attacks is not to protect Iraq but to displace the Palestinians from Iraq in order to segment any Arabic relation between the Iraqi and Palestinian people and to execute the Zionist request which is to harm the Palestinian people and to remote it as far as they can from its blessing homeland.

We are demanding the Palestinian liberalization organizations and Ramallah and Gaza governments to support Iraqi Palestinians from this spite and to stand against this project which aim to displace the Palestinians from their houses. We are demanding the Iraqi government to free all the arrestees and to apologize for them.

We are addressing these forces, where you were when the American forces killed the Iraqi people and infringed Iraq!


Palestinian refugees, Al Baladiat neighborhood/ Iraq – Baghdad



Translated by : Basheer Mahoud Ghannam

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  • (And human patient) truth of God Almighty .. God be with our brothers Velstinioa Iraq, they do not need fully to Onk to get them out of their plight .. to the Tklhm O Rbenaabina Holy Land O great to owned by their queen ordered them, and not in his heart of mercy or to slaves mercenary Aottaghmanm and slanders them and beat them and Ahddhmawessjnhm .. Lord Tafhal double kin total Bandies them not Mras they do not Msal them familiar with their situation .. dispersion of a combination of the sons of Refugees and the fragmentation of Family and all does not know the future and the future of his children. Zumat of dead and imprisoned from prison and the remaining part of stayed or movement in the hearts of our leaders The hearts of the Arab kings and presidents to deflect them and Angdam O, but is Moulay patience on Blatna by the injustice of our compatriots and our Arabism, they are all busy on the descendants of Muhammad blessings of Allaah be upon him steadfast on the scourge .. God who accepts the same attack on the vulnerable Refugees Palestinians O You are Avenger Jabbar avenge our people and our brothers and Nabesbb Tstatna us and deprive us of Uladtdhara you can save all of our people and our brothers and even honorable Iraqis faithful to our cause as refugees, they must respect and defend us, and faithful letter Muhammad blessings of Allaah be upon him, I do not want to appeal to one of our leaders because they are busy with us because we\'re marginalized, they have .. I appeal to who knows God and bow to him and gave him responsibility, which will be held accountable on the day of resurrection Ancdhm because intervene and pounce the rest of the sons of the Holy Land, Palestinians Online so far and Sabrine in Iraq because they in themselves and because they are believers say could be God Almighty to protect us and change the hearts of mercenary .. do not want to leave because they do not have to transport them to safety and where the righteousness of safety for them is a long way to long for them ... greeting of love and peace to all my family and my brothers and our families in the municipalities and all of Iraq .. my brothers finally tell and I am sorry I can not help you because I\'m also a warrior, not me Anasrna I am in the righteousness of safety, but you are most entitled to request mercy from us to you from God, what Taannouna not easy ... God\'s peace be upon you and Allah Senqzkm to it (if Khalat souls of mercy to the heart of the world our Lord the Great) ... send God from the will deliver you, and patience, but from God Almighty, because the fire says (Is it more) Christrgahm Lord what they did to us Muslims, Jews, the damned and the unbelievers

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    It\'s seems non stop violation against Palestinian refugees in Iraq We can\'t stop those kinds of attacks and it\'s really hard for many families to get out from their homes So my advice is try to reach some governors even to the Iraqi prime minister office and get assistance from them regarding protection of of our precious families in Iraq.. God Help

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