Rabbi Barbara Letter To Senator Kerry Relating Palistinian Refugees In Iraq

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January 31, 2012

Dear Senator Kerry,

We are writing on behalf of the members of our congregation in West Roxbury about a significant human rights issue. The rapidly deteriorating situation of the Palestinian refugees in Iraq and Syria has been brought to our attention by Thaer Abdallah, a Palestinian who spoke to at a very large gathering at our temple in honor of International Human Rights Day on December 10, 2011. At that time, Thaer described his difficult journey as a Palestinian refugee in Iraq and Syria  and the assistance that Senator Kennedy gave him to resettle in the US.

As Thaer undoubtedly explained to your staff last week, he was able to emigrate to the US and marry his American wife, Sheila. Now, Thaer has drawn all of our attention to the plight of other Palestinian refugees who remain in Baghdad. Our congregation joins with Thaer in urging you to take action to stop the violence against Palestinian refugees.

First, we urge you to ask the State Department staff to contact the Iraqi government and request an immediate cessation of violence against Palestinian refugees, in particular the ending of harassment, night raids, detention, and related police actions conducted by the Iraqi Special Forces.

Second, we urge you to ask the State Department to resettle the Palestinian refugees (400 in total) from the closed Al Waleed and Al Hol camps on the Iraq-Syrian border These refugees have nowhere else to go, and without passports they  are in danger of being returned to the dangerous situation in Baghdad. We urge you to make sure that these refugees are given asylum in the United States as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your attention to this very important, timely human rights issue.



Rabbi Barbara Penzner          Shelley Stevens, President



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    Dr. Nabil Abdul Kadir DEEB GERMANY.Bonn The Practices of the recent terrorist acts of the Iraqi government agencies against the Palestine Refugees in Baghdad must be a part of the work of the Arab League in the next summit in Bagdad. The Arab League and the Arab peoples are still appeals to Iraqi and international protection of Palestinian refugees in Iraq and give them their rights to social life. Refugees Palestinians have become in Iraq and if they were excluded from the rights established by international law on refugees and guarantees called for in the Declaration of Human Rights and do not have, according to those interpretations, within the system and international law for any system to ensure their rights like the refugees of others, not only have access to low level of aid only , all reflecting the weakness in the work of deliberate human rights mechanisms, United Nations, and the contradiction between a legal interpretation of the UNHCR and other international legislation relating to the rights of Palestinian refugees and human rights in general. The issue of Palestinian refugees and one of the leading phenomena of refugees in the twentieth century, but perhaps the most tragic event in refugee issues in the world, wherein mixing factors of religious nationalism and humanitarian legality and existential, which turns the issue of chronic exceeded its chapters the Palestinian cause to form a concern internationally, regionally and nationally, as it is obsession affects the entire Palestinian people: Based on the norms of international law of human rights, the right of refugees to return to the home of basic human rights, inalienable rights, which are not subject to bargaining, and compromise and that do not fall, they are linking him to the ground, which had forced to leave the cause of justification, that the has the right to return to the home immediately after the demise of the reason. Human beings are born free and honor has no human beings had the right of derogation would and worth and dignity inherent in it, and as the human nature in human beings requires and must respect the dignity of any form of insult, humiliation, degradation and promotion, the fact that this constitutes a guarantee of access to case luxury of justice and tolerance is essential for the stability and peaceful coexistence between humans. Dr. Nabil Abdul Kadir DEEB.PMI.GERMANY.Bonn doctor.nabilabdulkadirdeeb@googlemail.com

  • لتوضيح هذه الرساله . هذه الرساله انبعثت من المعبد اليهودي من راباي في بوسطن الى السيناتور كيري في الكونكرس بان يخاطب الحكومه العراقيه والضغط عليهم لا ايقاف القتل اتجاة الفلسطينيين في العراق , ووتتظمن ايضا الرساله بان يعمل بالاسراع على جلب العوائل الفلسطينيه المقيمين في العراق ومخيم الوليد ومخيم الهول والعوئل المتبقيه في الشام . ملاحظه من يستطيع ان يستسخ هذه الرساله او اي رساله في انكليزي بان يعطوها الى المنظمات او الكفلاء وهذا يساعد على نقل الصوره مع الشكر

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