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February 1st, 2012

Dear Senator Kerry,

Here is a translation of the petition on behalf of Palestinian refugees in Iraq. We would like to thank you and thank your aides for expressing an interest in this petition and appeal.



Thaer and Sheila Abdallah


A petition from some Palestinian human rights activists and their supporters protesting the latest attacks by Iraqi government forces from the (Iraqi Ministry of the Interior) at the Palestinian community residences in Al-Baladiyat quarter of Baghdad and appealing for help.


As the Iraqi militias’ persecution against the Palestinian refugees in Iraq subsided after its peaks in 2006 and 2007, the remaining population of the Palestinian refugee community thought it was the end of violence and it would be possible to live again in Iraq with peace and dignity.  However, things did not go in that direction, especially after the withdrawal of the American troops. A series of attacks by Iraqi forces (from the Ministry of the Interior) were unleashed against our refugee community in particular those resided at the Al-Baladiyat Quarter in Baghdad. These human rights violation include but are not limited to the following:

1.   Arbitrary detentions without court issued warrants.

2.   Arbitrary and violent searches of residences.

3.   Recurrence of arbitrary and unreasonable crack-downs.

4.    Insults and disrespect during each search and attack.

5.   Unprecedented incitement and escalation behavior by some Iraqi media outlets.

6.    Propaganda and allegations that Palestinians acquire weapons and ammunition to target Iraqi Shiites.

7.   Torture of detainees to coerce false confessions.

8.   Denigration of detainees before their families and neighbors.

9.   Identification of a Palestinian youth corpse showing ruthless signs of torture in a morgue.

The above represents a grave departure from the [international] conventions towards treating Palestinian refugees. While the Iraqi sectarian militias used to use such direct methods of persecution as targeted assassinations, kidnappings as well as mortar attacks against the Palestinian refugee community, the current methods have been perpetrated under the guise of anti-terrorism laws and are being carried out by Iraqi government forces.  This is to intimidate and force what remained of the Palestinian refugees to move out of the Al-Baladiyat residential complex into yet another wave of tragic exile.

We, a group of Palestinian activists, notables, academics, media professionals, and supporters, attest to the fact that the Palestinian community in Iraq is naught but a guest welcomed by the Iraqi people. We are not and do not seek to be involved in the political and sectarian affairs of the country.  We only look forward to the day when we return to our beloved homeland, Palestine.  As such, we request that the government of Iraq abide by its obligation to:

1.    Provide full protection for the Palestinian refugee community in Baghdad according to the Geneva Convention.

2.   Release all of the Palestinian detainees and/or enable them to have transparent and just trials in court while making public the conditions in which they are detained and treated. Exonerate those acquitted and pay them their due reparations.

3.   Stop all kinds of anti-Palestinian incitement and propaganda in the media as well as in the streets.


We also call on the following entities to take part in documenting, relieving, and stopping all kinds of violations against the Palestinian refugee community in Iraq, especially Baghdad.

1.   The Palestinian Authority

2.   Palestinian, Arab and international media outlets.

3.   UNHCR and other humanitarian and human rights organizations.

4.   The Arab League

5.   All Arab states

6.   Everyone who can contribute anything to this petition and appeal.



1.   Anwar M. Al-Salboud, former  chair of Palestinian Center for Information and Media, Yemen

2.   Waleed Mulhim, Palestinian writer and activist, Yemen

3.   Muhammad Al-Jumeili, Iraqi journalist, Iraq

4.   Ayman Al-Shaaban, researcher and expert on Palestinian refugees in Iraq, Yemen

5.   Isam Basheer Muhammad, director of the News Site Without-borders, Ramallah

6.   Jamal Nayef Al-Sammak, Palestinian writer and activist, Canada

7.   Ahmad Abu Alhayja, Palestinian writer and media professional, LA, USA

8.   Khaled Nawaf Abu Alhayja, Palestinian writer, Texas, USA

9.   Ammar Al-Hamdan, media professional, Aljazeera Network, Norway

10.               Ali Nafid Al-Muruby, Lebanese writer and publisher, France

11.               Brigadier-general Tayseer Muhammad Ajeena , Yemen

12.                Thaer Abdallah, human rights activist, Boston, USA

13.               Bassam Saud Abu Asaba, Palestinian teacher, Yemen

14.               Sabah Al Unsy, former member of-Iraqi-Palestinian Workers Union, Perth, Australia

15.                Aref Hamad Al- Awayna, chair of Accounting, Almutlaq Company, Saudi Arabia

16.               Jalal Fahad Abdullah, former Iraqi Palestinian refugee, Norway

17.               Maria Jarinova, student, Perm Russia

18.               Yasir Faysal Al-Madhy, Palestinian writer and teacher, Yemen

19.               Ahmed Muhammad, former Iraqi Palestinian refugee, Norway

20.               Jawad Faysal Jawad, human rights activist, Florida, USA

21.               Atiya Khalil, former Iraqi Palestinian refugee, Sweden

22.               Muhammad Hamdan, former Iraqi Palestinian refugee, Sweden

23.               Firas Faris Abdulmutalab, former Iraqi Palestinian refugee, Davos, Switzerland

24.               Ali Abu Zamaq, former Iraqi Palestinian refugee, Denmark

25.                Hamza Al-Jayab, former Iraqi Palestinian refugee, Oakland, New Zealand

26.               Bassam Al-Qaddoumy, former political activist, Cyprus

27.               Wisam Al-Shabah, former Iraqi Palestinian refugee, Cyprus

28.               Rasmy Hijazi, Palestinian writer, Holland

29.               Bader Maroof Mulhim, former Iraqi Palestinian refugee, Norway

30.               Ali Abu Khalifa, student, Sweden

31.               Uday Al-Qaroot, former Iraqi Palestinian refugee, Norway

32.               Ahmad Mustafa Al-Muqbil, Iraqi Palestinian refugee

33.               Ibrahim Al-Gweni, former Iraqi Palestinian refugee, Brazil

34.               Sarmad Abdulqadir Al-Sammak, former Iraqi Palestinian refugee, Halifax, Canada

35.               Abdul-Kareem Al-Tayeh, former Iraqi Palestinian refugee, USA

36.               Luay Isa, Palestinian activist, Sweden

37.               Fadi Anwar Al-Salboud, former injured refugee and detainee, Sweden

38.               Ahmed Waleed Mulhim, Palestinian media professional, Yemen

39.               Izuldeen Al-Asaad, Palestinian writer, Yemen

40.               Anas Waleed Mulhim, Palestinian student, Yemen

41.               Muhammad Rajih, former Iraqi Palestinian refugee, Sweden

42.               Omar Mulhim, Palestinian media profeessional

43.               Hisham Musbah Al-Shaban, former Iraqi Palestinian refugee, Italy

44.               Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Majeed, former Iraqi Palestinian refugee, Cyprus

P.S. We would like everyone viewing this petition to pass it on to all kinds of media outlets, human rights and relief organizations, Palestinian Authority and factions, as well as social websites and networks. 


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  • GERMANY.Bonn


    Dr. Nabil Abdul Kadir DEEB.GERMANY.Bonn The Practices of the recent terrorist acts of the Iraqi government agencies against the Palestine Refugees in Baghdad must be a part of the work of the Arab League in the next summit in Bagdad. The Arab League and the Arab peoples are still appeals to Iraqi and international protection of Palestinian refugees in Iraq and give them their rights to social life. Refugees Palestinians have become in Iraq and if they were excluded from the rights established by international law on refugees and guarantees called for in the Declaration of Human Rights and do not have, according to those interpretations, within the system and international law for any system to ensure their rights like the refugees of others, not only have access to low level of aid only , all reflecting the weakness in the work of deliberate human rights mechanisms, United Nations, and the contradiction between a legal interpretation of the UNHCR and other international legislation relating to the rights of Palestinian refugees and human rights in general. The issue of Palestinian refugees and one of the leading phenomena of refugees in the twentieth century, but perhaps the most tragic event in refugee issues in the world, wherein mixing factors of religious nationalism and humanitarian legality and existential, which turns the issue of chronic exceeded its chapters the Palestinian cause to form a concern internationally, regionally and nationally, as it is obsession affects the entire Palestinian people: Based on the norms of international law of human rights, the right of refugees to return to the home of basic human rights, inalienable rights, which are not subject to bargaining, and compromise and that do not fall, they are linking him to the ground, which had forced to leave the cause of justification, that the has the right to return to the home immediately after the demise of the reason. Human beings are born free and honor has no human beings had the right of derogation would and worth and dignity inherent in it, and as the human nature in human beings requires and must respect the dignity of any form of insult, humiliation, degradation and promotion, the fact that this constitutes a guarantee of access to case luxury of justice and tolerance is essential for the stability and peaceful coexistence between humans. Dr. Nabil Abdul Kadir DEEB.PMI.GERMANY.Bonn doctor.nabilabdulkadirdeeb@googlemail.com

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  • Hi Thaer, Thank you for this. I’ve reached out to a few contacts and when I’ve gathered some more information, I will circulate to my colleagues. Be in touch, Lara

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